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MusicWorks takes pride in offering quality repairs at reasonable prices. Each instrument is given the same attention to detail from a simple adjustment to major reconditioning. We use first rate replacement parts which provide the service and reliability you expect and require from student to pro instruments.

WOODWIND REPAIR DETAILS                                    

Make Playable:

All pads, corks, keys, rods, springs, screws and tenons checked. Tone holes checked and cleaned; corks/felts/pads replaced as needed. Bent keys straightened; springs retensioned as needed; loose screws tightened; mechanism regulated and oiled. Case cleaned; latches/hinges lubricated. Up to six pads replaced at no extra charge.
NOTE: If more than six pads are needed, it is recommended to have instrument reconditioned.


All of the above plus: Instrument disassembled, cleaned, disinfected. bent keys, cups, rods straightened and aligned. Springs replaced/retensioned as needed; tenons checked and corks replaced as needed; silence corks/felts replaced as needed; minor dents removed; screws checked/tightened; tone holes checked. ALL PADS REPLACED, leveled/seated; instrument reassembled; played through and regulated. All friction points and springs lubricated. Case cleaned; latches/hinges lubricated. Final play through and check before pick up.
NOTE: Extra cost for case hinge/latch replacement. Call for estimate. Additional charges for: missing parts, stuck, binding, rusted screws/rods; replacement/repair of tenons; tone hole repair/replacement; bent body/alignment; crushed body/tubing; crack pinning/banding.

BRASSWIND REPAIR DETAILS                                    

Make Playable:
Instrument disassembled, snaked, cleaned and sanitized. Valves/rotors, casings, caps, slides cleaned/lubricated; water corks, valve felts replaced as needed; rotor and trombone slide bumpers replaced as needed; minor dents removed. All solder joints checked; tubing tested for air leaks. Mouthpiece cleaned, sanitized and polished, shank trued. Case cleaned; latches and hinges lubricated. Two joints soldered at no charge.

Make playable plus: All accessible dents removed; valve springs replaced as needed; valves/rotors/slides/casings/trombone playing slides thoroughly cleaned/aligned and lubricated. Valves stems straightened; valves/rotors/casings trued where possible. All loose/broken solder joints repaired. Spot lacquering as needed. French horns restrung. Silver horns cleaned/polished where possible and plating in good condition. Additional Charge for: missing braces, crushed tubing, water key assemblies, slide rings/hooks/stop screws; valve/rotor replacement; finger buttons, valve stems, caps, lyre assemblies.

Call For Details and Prices on Guitar/Bass and Orchestral String Repairs.

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